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04.04.2020 SVETLOST TEATAR Beograd
Inženjer za projektovanje profesionalne rasvete
10.4.2020 Bauprojekt Beograd
Diplomirani inženjer elektrotehnike
29.3.2020 Manpower Novi Sad
Inženjer elektro održavanja
11.04.2020 Vinci Terna Surcin
Electrical-ELV Engineer
10.04.2020 ZF group Pančevo
Production and Engineering Manager Assistant, Technical Project Lead e-Machines
26.03.2020 Energotehnika JB Novi Sad


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11.04.2020 Vinci Terna Surcin
Electrical-ELV Engineer
26.6.2014 GE Energy
Account Manager
24.8.2007 Qualysoft

11.04.2020 - Electrical-ELV Engineer - Vinci Terna Surcin   NAZAD
Vinci Terna Construction JV d.o.o.

Electrical-ELV Engineer

Job Purpose: to be dedicated to Airport Nikola Tesla Project

Looking for someone who is creative, innovative, and enjoys working as a contributing part of a team

You are fully proficient in Serbian and English.
Good communication skills with strict attention to self-organization and detail.

General tasks and Responsibilities:

Manage the Electrical-ELV designer.
Participate to the coordination with other trades.
Participate to Client meetings and coordinate with designer/subcontractor internal team to be sure that all requirements are taken in consideration.
Validate the Electrical-ELV design drawings and shop drawings.
Participate actively with coordination team to integrate the Electrical-ELV systems in the BIM model.
Involved in creation of bids of materials.
Prepare the Electrical-ELV Tender packages.
Analyze and compare the HVAC-Plumbing proposals.
Participate to the negotiating meetings to choose the best subcontractor.
To be involved with designer to prepare the Electrical-ELV Basic design and Shop drawings and to coordinate with the other trades to integrate the Mechanicals with BIM model.

Deadline for applications: 11.04.2020.

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